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  • Thinking of ideas for the best beach spot for a vacation while currently living in San Diego isn’t terribly difficult. Locally, there are not many deals or cheap family packages, but Southern California and its dramatic coast still attract big numbers of visitors for classic beach vacations.

    Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

    So how do So Cal beach spots rate?

    It does compare well with just about any other beach spot. Depending upon your ideas for how to define the best way to enjoy some hard earned play time, you may have vastly different ideas than your neighbor. And thats all right! So, be it a short trip or for your foreseeable life. There is no right answer to pleasure.

    Fortunately great beach spots, coastlines and the waterfront communities that hold increasingly greater populations come in so many shapes and sizes that you might just be able to find your very own beach spot. Or, at least something that sounds pretentious, expensive and slightly exotic to help your quest to win friends and influence people on social media. While a healthy budget is not a prerequisite for being able to temporarily stake a claim to a great spot on the beach, it does significantly lessen the research required.

    Virgin Islands Beach Spot : Par Excellence?

    A few years ago, this lovely person asked me what exactly I found so appealing about the beach and spending time there. My answer was long and varied. It included vacations, lunch breaks, reading, partying, sexual encounters, sleep, play, people watching, relaxing and just about every other facet of the human condition.  She didn’t agree. The relationship ended reasonably amicably, but the conversation revealed a stark divide too big to span. More problematic than the cultural differences between an American Catholic and a Russian Muslim, she didn’t like going to the beach.

    Anyway, that was in the Mediterranean, on the limestone island of Malta. An amazing place with a storied history, but not the greatest beach spot. St. Paul shipwrecked there on the way to his execution in Rome. Calypso held Ulysses captive on Malta’s sister island, Gozo, for 7 years of bliss next to a place called Ramla Bay. Apparently, it was because of a shipwreck as well.

    You all right? Ya, mon. Cool, everyting safe.

    One of the things common to all the best beach spots is they have a tendency to swallow you up and enchant you for extended periods of life. Depending upon your personality, talents and responsibilities, you might not need to go back home. Of course, that’s probably not going to happen, but we all like to dream. Especially while we are OOO PTO. (I first encountered those letters at the ripe age of 44, in 2016)

    Who wouldn’t want to find a cheap deal on waterfront property in the next international spot for the beautiful people a decade before it takes off? Limin’ on the silky sands of Jost w/ the wifey in one hand and a painkiller in the other, it’s not hard for your thoughts to drift off. Nobody looks forward to going back bleary-eyed to your cubicle Monday morning from your beach vacations.

    Ideas for Summer Beach Vacations

    Salty locals, expats and strung out surfers the world over think they know something the rest of us don’t. Well, if you peel back the layers of cynical excrement far enough, those people actually are pretty clued up. So if your goal is to do a gainer into a Corona commercial- bon chance! Joining a ragtag crew of yachties in an expat ghetto can actually be a glamorous existence. When its done well, its sublime.

    Many are called, few are chosen 

    Long Summer Vacations and Comfort Zones

    Locals contribute significantly to the successful outcome of your trip. Keep that and safety in your mind, even if you are going to an all-inclusive resort. Not all of the characters from Jimmy Buffet songs play nicely with others. There is no shame in passing on a trip to Cuba, when you are more suited to Cape Hatteras. Both, great spots indeed, to watch the world pass by, but they couldn’t be further apart.

    Deals on exclusive beach vacations?

    Deals on the timeless beach vacations in locales like Nantucket, the Hamptons, and St. Barths for example will always be limited, due to their popularity and name brand. Prices do fluctuate seasonally allowing for better values slightly off peak everywhere. Keep that in mind, when planning trips if cost is even a remote consideration. Flexible dates and some research can knock prices down to more manageable levels.

    Maybe that can be parlayed into more time away from the rat race with the people you care about?   That’s probably what its about anyway, no? It certainly is the point of this site.

    We made sure nobody died on the show. We made sure nobody ever drowned on ‘Baywatch.’

    David Hasselhoff
Ideas for Best Exotic Beach Vacations

Ideas for Best Exotic Beach Vacations

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Many are called, few are chosen